St. John’s University Fraternity & Sorority Expansion Procedures

IFC, Panhel, and ALFSA are CLOSED for expansion for the 2014 - 2015 academic year.  

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Expansion involves inviting national and international fraternities and sororities to establish chapters on our campus, and is encouraged when a need exists and is recommended by the Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, or the ALFSA Council. This recommendation must be made in combination with the Greek Life Expansion Committee which consists of the Assistant Director of Leadership Development and Service (Chair), the Associate Dean of Student Engagement (ex-officio), the Director of Campus Life, the Associate Director of Leadership Development, the Interfraternity Council President, the Panhellenic Council President, the African & Latino Fraternal/Sororal Alliance President, and the Organization Chairperson of Student Government, Inc.

Important Notice: Inter/national fraternity and sorority headquarters or members may not solicit, recruit, or initiate St. John’s University students without the expressed consent of the Greek Advisor. In order to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, St. John's University does not permit students of the University to be initiated or to join any Greek organization that is not established and recognized by the Department of Student Life and Student Government, Incorporated. This policy is in place to ensure that all Greek organizations on campus are approved and following all standards and expectations of the University. Failure to follow this basic rule will result in a moratorium on the group’s eligibility to expand for a time to be determined by the Greek Advisor that will be no less than two years.

Criteria for Expansion Consideration:
- Interest as shown through the number of prospective members
- Campus trends for fraternities and sororities
- Number of new fraternity and sorority chapters on campus
- University enrollment trends

Expansion Request Process
The Expansion Committee will meet each year in October to determine which Council(s), if any, will be open for expansion for the upcoming year. Once the decision has been made by the Greek Life Expansion Committee in favor of expansion, inter/national organizations that are not currently represented at St. John’s University will be notified to submit a written prospectus which must include the following information, which should also be provided in the format outlined below. If a decision is made to place a moratorium on a specific Council for expansion that year, no packets or applications may be submitted.

All applications should be in the following format: 

1) St. John's University History & Alumni Information

           a) Total number of alumni in Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island
           b) Statement of interest and support of the alumni in establishing a chapter
           c) A list of specific alumni who are interested in working with the chapter in an advisory capacity        
           d) Nearest alumni club/organization/graduate chapter   
           e) If a group is returning to campus, describe the following:
                      1. Reasons why the chapter became inactive on campus, and when
                      2. How the issue(s) involved have been addressed
                      3. How the group has cleared any debts or circumstances still incomplete from when previously on campus

2) Inter/national Headquarters Values, Policies and Publications

           a) A description of the organizational values and founding principles  
           b) A summary of the organizational structure at the chapter and inter/national levels
           c) Constitution (inter/national and local if applicable)
           d) Minimal expectations of colony for existence and chartering
           e) Alcohol and substance abuse policy and program
            f) Scholarship policies and programs
           g) Inter/national magazine/publications

3) Chapter Development

a) Please provide the following for three specific time periods: during colonization, for the first two years after chartering, and in five to ten years:

                      1. Membership goals (numbers, GPA)
                      2. Community interaction and service projects
                      3. Campus involvement
                      4. Programming initiatives (educational/cultural/faculty)
                      5. Chapter & alumni board finances
                      6. Fundraising efforts
                      7. Impact on Greek and St. John’s communities

4) Membership Development

           a) Hazing policy
           b) Membership discrimination policy
           c) Membership education policy and program (New Member Education Program)
           d) Recruitment/Membership intake policy and program

5) Information on inter/national strength

           a) Total number of chapters nationwide and distribution area
           b) Total number of chapters and colonies in New York State and bordering states
                      1. Total number of colonizations during the past five (5) years
                      2. Where, number chartered, number not chartered
           c) Total number of initiated members
           d) Total number of colonizations anticipated in the next calendar year and where
           e) The # of chapters closed and/or suspended during the last three (3) academic years, including where, when, and why
           f) Average size of chapters on campuses similar to St. John's University
           g) Leadership development and officer transition programs

6) Additional Information

           a) A copy of the organization’s insurance certificate (minimum $1,000,000 coverage)
           b) Letter of intent from the inter/national Headquarters Expansion Chairperson
           c) A list of all interested students (if applicable*) including Name, Class Status and GPA

All items above, plus any additional information should be put into a packet which follows the format specified and be sent to:

Maggie Bach                                                                                                                                                                                                 Assistant Director of Leadership Development and Service                                                                                                                                                                                                             St. John’s University                                                                                                                                                                                            8000 Utopia Parkway                                                                                                                                                                                   D'Angelo Center Room 124-4                                                                                                                                                                   Jamaica, NY 11439

Expansion Time Line(approximate time frame; subject to change)
October 1st (or earlier) - The Expansion Committee meets to determine which Councils will accept expansion packets and which will not; after the vote is complete, the Greek Advisor will begin taking packets.
February 15th - All packets by petitioning organizations must be submitted and complete in the format previously outlined. Incomplete packets will not be considered.
March 1st - The Expansion Committee meets to review submitted packets, and select organizations for presentation to the Committee present.
March & April - Selected groups will present to the expansion committee
May 1st - The expansion committee has a final meeting and decides which organizations to bring to campus. The committee reserves the right to decline consideration of a group for any reason, and the decision is final.
May 15th - Once expansion is approved, all Student Government, Inc. recognition procedures and requirements must be fulfilled. The organization must submit a “Power to Organize” form, a copy of their Constitution & By-Laws, and a list of undergraduate members/interests to Student Government, Inc., who will then consider the organization for recognition on the St. John’s University, Queens Campus. Student Government, Inc. makes the final decision on accepting new organizations on campus.

Statement on Interest Groups:
If a national organization is eligible for expansion (no previous restrictions from policy breaches and governing council open for expansion), it may hold two general meetings in order to build interest on campus, as well as see which students may want to be a part of their organization if they expand to our University. Any meetings of this kind MUST be coordinated by a designated national officer and NOT an interested student on campus. Also, it must be clearly stated at the meeting that there is no guarantee that because there is an interest that the organization will be approved to expand on campus. This designated group of interests is prohibited to act as an organization affiliated with the national fraternity or sorority, and will not be recognized as a student organization at St. John's University or engage in any activities restricted to recognized fraternities/sororities. There are to be no officers of the group, or events held in the group’s name. Any initiation or new member education of members of the group interests violates the expansion policy and subjects the national organization to a minimum of two years of ineligibility to expand at St. John's University.