Iota Nu Delta Fraternity

Nickname: I-N-D or Iota Nu
Founded Nationally: February 7, 1994 at Binghamton University (SUNY)
Established at STJ: March 27, 2006
Chapter: Iota
Colors: Orange & Green (primary), White & Black (secondary)
Mascot: Royal Bengal Tiger
National Site:
Contact: Vasu,


Iota became the Nation’s first ever South Asian-American interest fraternity on February 7, 1994 at the State University of New York in Binghamton. Our eight founders, who were of South Asian descent, formed this Brotherhood with the vision of bridging the gaps between people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. By interacting with their respective communities and encouraging cultural awareness through common fraternal affiliation, our members convene under one name, one mission, Iota.

Our core beliefs can be summed up through our fraternity mottos, “Mind, Body, Soul,” and “Brotherhood Eternal.” Through academics, athletics, and spirituality, we develop and strengthen bonds that will surpass the time spent in college and carry out into both our professional and personal lives. Iota Nu Delta prides itself on the diversity of its members and its highly structured alumni-networking channel. Our alumni/active mentor program exists with the intent of providing guidance and mentorship opportunities to undergraduate members based on college major and career focus.

One of the primary points we stress as a fraternity is involvement and service to the community. We believe that all the education and attained skills that we posses are of no true value if they cannot be used to benefit society. Our chapters have dedicated numerous hours to the communities in which we live. It is through philanthropy that we can help nurture the growth of our brothers. While our national philanthropy is SAMAR - a South Asian Bone Marrow recruiting service under the NMDP, our efforts however are not limited to a South Asian scope of concerns. Our goal is to affirmatively encompass the community as a whole. In addition to SAMAR, Iota Nu Delta has participated in community service events affiliated with Habitat for Humanity, NYC Special Olympics, the Ronald McDonald House and many more. Our extensive list of charitable contributions to the community coupled with our historic close-knit bonds of brotherhood, serves as a testament to our success as a fraternity, moreover, a brotherhood.