Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc.

Nickname: L-A-U or Lambdas
Founded Nationally: December 10, 1985 at SUNY Buffalo
Established at STJ: April 29, 1996
Chapter: Gamma
Motto: "¡Venceremos Porque Nacimos Para Triunfar!" (We will overcome because we were born to triumph!)
Colors: Red, Yellow, White, & Black
Flower: La Palma
Fraternal Guardian: Andean Condor
Membership Requirements: Must have a 2.5 GPA and a minimum of 12 credits, 1 semester of Latinos Unidos – Leadership Development Program, completed application, and resume.
National Site:                                                                                                                                                   Contact Us:

Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity was founded on December 10th, 1985 at the University of Buffalo when sixteen men formed a support group to provide a social and cultural outlet for students of Latin American descent. The university's Greek system lacked an organization dedicated to the needs of the Latino community. To meet those needs, the group chose to pursue recognition as the first Latino-oriented Greek-letter organization on campus. The founding fathers represented various ethnic backgrounds, demonstrating the diversity of the Latin American community. The unity realized by these men became the foundation upon which the fraternity was established.

The interest group searched for a reputable organization with which to affiliate, however, did not find one to suit its needs. They then decided to create a unique fraternity, with its own principles and philosophies. The founding fathers knew that strength of character, and a common purpose are the foundation of successful institutions. This lead them to create a fraternity based upon the principles of brotherhood, scholarship and service to the community.

The founding fathers developed a set of goals, known as the Metas, based upon said principles. The Metas were meant to be guidelines to direct how the fraternity serves its community, and how Hermanos are to conduct themselves. The Rituals were designed to instill upon candidates the values, principles, and purpose of the brotherhood. Symbols were chosen to represent the strength and character of the fraternity. Moreover, the founding fathers were laying the foundation for the future of the fraternity, as it expanded to other Colleges and Universities.

As Lambda Alpha Upsilon continues to develop, it has maintained its principles and purpose, for these are what distinguish the brotherhood and guide its members through their personal and professional endeavors. All these things can be combined to express one common belief. No matter what obstacles or difficulties stand in our way; "¡Venceremos Porque Nacimos Para Triunfar!" (We will overcome because we were born to triumph!) We are all given the opportunity to live a significant life and as such, it is our responsibility to leave our mark on society.

Metas (Goals) of Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc: Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. was founded upon the principles of brotherhood, scholarship and community Service. These principles are the guidelines by which we support the Latino community. They are expressed in our Metas or goals, which are the following:

To unite the Latino community
To provide a strong and solid base for Latino culture
To support each other personally and academically
To establish a network of professionals
To expand our brotherhood to an international level
To ensure that the numbers of Latinos in education is ever increasing
To enrich our environment with Latino pride and spirit
Lambda Alpha Upsilon sincerely believes that high standards, strength of character, and a common vision promote the success of the brotherhood. We must carry out our personal and professional lives in constant pursuit of the realization of our Metas. It is our Metas that provide the path to the top of the mountain as we continue to excel in every field of human endeavor.

National Services:

Lambda Way Scholarship
Jose Chiu Scholarship
7 Metas Scholarship
Lambda Day Banquet
Venceremos Newsletter
Icla Da’ Silva Bone Marrow Registration Drive
International Disaster Relief Funds
Mission Statement
The mission of Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity is to be a network of professionals that promotes brotherhood, scholarship and service to the community. The fraternity promotes brotherhood by providing its members personal and professional support on an undergraduate and alumni level.

Our members pursue scholarship not only for professional advancement, but to attain personal growth. The brotherhood serves the community by sponsoring events which aide those in need, promote cultural awareness, and enrich the collegiate environment. Every member must continue to uphold the mission and goals of the fraternity, as they are the common values that distinguish us as Hermanos of Lambda Alpha Upsilon.

Arthritis Foundation, Blood Drive for the American Red Cross, Fundraising for Kid’s Day, Hurricane Relief Funds, AIDS Walk, Walk for the Homeless.