Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc.

Nickname: L-Pi-U
Founded Nationally: November 6, 1992 at SUNY Geneseo
Established at STJ: June 2001
Chapter: Epsilon
Colors: Red, White, Gold, & Black
Mascot: Jaguar (spotted)
Flower: White Rose with Red tips
Gem: Emerald
Membership Requirements: Must have a 2.5 GPA and a minimum of 12 credits.
National Site:                                                                                                                                                                           Contact Information:

Founded on November 6, 1992 at SUNY Geneseo by "Six Pillars of Strength." It is a Latina-oriented sororal organization, which stands for the "Unity of Powerful Latin Women". Lambda Pi Upsilon satisfies the increasingly sophisticated needs of all women of color through a network of proud, intelligent, innovative women and their actions within the community. Our service is to our families, our academics, our community and above all, each other.

Members are dedicated to cultivating and encouraging distinguished ethical and scholastic standards by following the following principles.

  • Educational Principle: The continued academic success of one's collegiate and professional years through support.
  • Familial Principle: A distinct alliance in association with all actions involving the community.
  • Learning Principle: To understand, develop and excel through positive initiative.
  • Advancement Principle: A collaboration of the whole to further yourself in all your endeavors.
  • Exposure Principle: To introduce to others our goals and principles through philanthropic, scholastic and social activities
  • Motivational Principle: To enlighten and inspire others with our own exemplary proprieties.

Lambda Pi Upsilon's mission is to accentuate leadership qualities and to further utilize them in future endeavors. We set the standard for excellence in community advocacy and cultural awareness through our total commitment to inspire, empower and support one another. In short, "Una Chica Lambda, No Nace Se Hace." The goals of this organization are:

  • To be recognized as leaders of our community through commitment to sisterhood.
  • To promote integrity in the support and development of women.
  • To learn about ach of our various cultures.
  • To expose the nature of our Hermandad to others, especially our family.

Cultural Elements: Confidence in our capabilities and actions, Dignity for our Cultures and Traditions, Genuine Love and Respect of each other, Pride of our experiences and the bond that lasts forever.

Sample Events: ACCESS Youth Program, Emerald Gala, Noche de Hermandad, Sisterhood Weekend, Latinas Poderosas Brunch, Esencia Latina Newsletter, Nuestra Herencia Magazine, Annual Latino Greek Step Show.