Sigma Chi Beta Fraternity

“Brotherhood – First, Last, and Always”
Nickname: E-X-B
Founded Locally at STJ: November 1962
Established at STJ: September 1963
Colors: Gold & Black
Recruitment Information:  Shawn Halloran,



Sigma Chi Beta was founded in November 1962 as a local fraternity at St. John’s University. Currently, Sigma Chi Beta is the last local fraternity existing on campus. We participate in Intramurals Football and Basketball and Greek Week every year. We also participate in charity work for the New York City Parks Department and various Women's Cancer Fundraisers.

Sigma Chi Beta was founded on the same principles as St. John’s University because it was started by the Vincentian community 45 years ago. The rich heritage that is enjoyed by the Vincentians at St. John's is shared by Sigma Chi Beta as well. Today, Sigma Chi Beta has grown into a mainstream, diverse student organization that believed thoroughly in a well-rounded student. Students from all aspects of St. John’s are members of Sigma Chi Beta ranging from Campus Recreation and St. John’s Athletics to the Pep Band and Pharmacy program.

Sigma Chi Beta brothers take pride in the many awards our organization, and individual members, have won throughout the years. In 2006, Sigma Chi Beta received the Fraternity Innovation & Change Award. In 2007, Sigma Chi Beta received awards including the: Community Service Excellence Award, Interfraternalism Award, Outstanding New Member Award, Outstanding Senior Member Award, Fraternity Man of the Year, and Fraternity Excellence Award.

The fraternity motto is "Brotherhood, First, Last, & Always," and this fraternity applies it to all aspects of life: fraternal, athletic, educational and social. This organization is unique to St. John's University and has been a cornerstone of Greek Life on Queens campus for decades.