Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Nickname: TKE
Founded Nationally: January 10, 1899 at Illinois Wesleyan University
Established at STJ: May 1961
Chapter: Theta Sigma
Colors: Cherry Red & Battleship Grey
National Site: http://www.tke.org
Contact: Mike, michael.korzemba11@stjohns.edu


To Believe in love and loyalty to my College, my Fraternity, my Country, and my God;

To Believe in the worthiness and dignity of my fellow man, and judge him solely upon his personal worth and character;

To Believe with fidelity in the traditions and ideals of my Fraternity, and upon my sacred honor, to uphold them;

To Believe in the constant search for truth, and through it, to seek the goal of wisdom;

To Believe in the life based upon integrity, justice, sincerity, patience, moderation, culture, and challenge in order to serve as a responsible, mature member of society;

To Believe in the cardinal principles of Love, Charity & Esteem and to use them to guide my life;

To Believe in my Fraternity as a brotherhood of gentlemen in perpetual quest of excellence as a way
of life.

This is the Creed of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Tau Kappa Epsilon is the largest international fraternity with more chapters than any other fraternity in the United States as well as Canada. Tau Kappa Epsilon does not determine its men by wealth, rank, or honor. We look for men with character, the type of men that will help us to continue the true ideals of what it means to be a TKE. Our fraternity is one that is based on the principles of love, charity, and esteem.

When it comes down to business, there is plenty of diversity here in TKE. Brothers are involved in Student Government, IFC, scholarships, community service, military service, Division 1-AA athletics, and on-campus organizations. When it comes down to having a good time, TKE brothers are best at doing so. We are known for having the most social events with other organizations and throwing the biggest events. The brothers of TKE believe that among all of our qualities our unity and overall strong brotherhood is what makes us stand out.

Tau Kappa Epsilon has a rich history at St. John's since starting in 1961. This year, as in every other year, we expect to continue the winning tradition that has been handed down to us. We can say with much pride that our overall record of winning 11 Greek Weeks in a row has not been beaten. We have also received several community service and various other awards.